Prayer Poem to the Names of God

How shall we address thee who art the One of a thousand names yet ever nameless?

O Vishnu, Maya, Kali, Ishtar, Athene, Isis...Great Mother of Creation, womb of the universe, The Feminine Divine….Blessed art thou who hast given life to all
And receiveth us at the end, forever thine...

Jupiter, Zeus, Apollo, Dionysius...
Lord of creation, the masculine divine,
In quest of the golden apples of Hesperides,
God of ecstasy and wine, and reason sublime...

Amen, Horus, Aten, Ra...
God of beginnings and endings, the soul, the ka,
Soaring like a bird
To the life-giving, light-giving power of the sun,
All life is one...

Shiva-Shakti, Yin and Yang...
The dance of life and death from hand to hand,
In perfect balance the movement of forces,
As the earth turns ‘neath the stars in their courses...

Rama, Krishna, Varuna, Bramah...
God of the Upanishads and Rig Veda, mystic priests and
the Bhagavadgita, Om Shanti, the lotus, a holy vow,
Creating our own karma and reincarnation, here and now,
And the ever present realization, that art Thou...

Buddha, Nirvana, the Enlightened One...
Liberation sought and won, in daily life begun,
Under a tree, in the sun,
To a state of being indescribable, comparable to none...

Allah-Akbar and Ahura Mazda...
There is no god but God, the All, Ah! the One,
The Righteous One, purity of Fire.
Goodness and Truth to inspire,
Fight fire with fire, quench the evil desire,
Let the call ring forth from minaret to spire...

El Shaddai, Adonai, Yahweh, Elohim
The God of Peace be with you, Shalom Haveyreem
Ten Commandments and the Law for Gentile and Jew
The birth of conscience and a Day of Atonement
To confess, to forgive, to begin anew...

Abba, Spiritus, Logos-Son... God in Three Persons, God in One,
God in all persons: prophets, teachers, daughters and sons,
The Kingdom of Heaven is within us, O let thy Kingdom come…
How shall we address thee who art Alpha and Omega,
The stars in their courses from Denib and Altair to Sirius and Vega?

Thou of a thousand names and yet ever nameless,
Let us confess the mystery of thy holiness,
Let us proclaim the wonder of One without a name,
Let the silence praise thee,
And the nine billion stars of thy namelessness.

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