What You Need to Know Before Installing the UUA WordPress Theme for Congregations
What You Need to Know Before Installing the UUA Theme
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Technical Skills

Installing the UUA Theme (or any WordPress theme) requires some technical expertise. If you aren't familiar with the following topics, look for someone in your congregation who is. You may need to hire a WordPress consultant just to set you up. You (or someone) need to be able to:

  • work with your web hosting company to administer a website
  • use an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program to transfer files to your web server (using an FTP program like FileZilla)
  • configure a WordPress site
  • use PHPMyAdmin (a web-based way to look at the database that contains the content and settings for your website) or use SQL commands at the mySQL command line
  • use CSS (cascading style sheets) and HTML

Here are ways to get more information about WordPress.

Gathering Information

Before you begin to set up your WordPress site, you can begin creating content for the site.

Find out who currently maintains your site and gather the list of names and email addresses of the people who will need accounts on our new WordPress site. Consider what level of permission they’ll need. Learn more about user levels and permissions from WPBeginner.com.

Then you can proceed with the next step on our checklist.

For more information contact outreach@uua.org.

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