Known Issues with the UUA WordPress Theme for Congregations
Known Issues with the UUA WordPress Theme
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Here are the open issues that we know about. If you are having trouble with your WordPress site, try the steps listed in the sidebar.

Older Versions of PHP

Versions of PHP (the programming language in which WordPress is written) older than version 7.2 may cause problems. Here's an article about checking your PHP version and upgrading.

CPT Carousel: Switch to MetaSlider

Before version 1.3.0, we recommended the CPT Carousel for displaying a carousel (slider) on your homepage and other pages.  Issues:

  • Sometimes its images don't line up.
  • It hasn't been updated in three years.

See its information page for questions and answers to some configuration issues. Starting with 1.3.0, we recommend using the MetaSlider plugin to display carousels. Here's how to switch.

Google Calendars

If you opt to use Google calendars instead of the Events module, embedded calendars don't resize nicely. Consider using the Simple Calendar plugin to solve this problem.

Service Topics Don't Display on Service Listings

If we fix this, we might also create a shortcode that would list services for one topic.

Sidebars on Event Pages

Individual event pages don't display the same sidebar shown on the events listing page; they display the default primary sidebar.

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