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Ask questions here about the recommended plugins for use with the UUA WordPress Theme for congregations, or about other plugins you are using.

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topics list shortcode 0 comments
by Charles.McNulty 1
Services plugin: Service Date and Time is used to move service from "upcoming" to "past" 3 comments
Also looking forward to this - if any of you are technically inclined, I've...
by Charles.McNulty
Services plugin with Gutenberg editor 1 comment
We haven’t yet tested the theme with Gutenberg.
by margy
Services plugin - Start Date date format 2 comments
Great, thanks! The standard international date format is ISO 8601 -...
by dsm2005
Need Developer for Custom Plugin Code 8 comments
I inserted a new line after each placeholder using the WYSIWYG editor, which...
by Heather.Chen
Can' t update to UUA Services Plugin from 1.0.3 in new installation 4 comments
Hi– the MetaSlider plugin is different from the CPT Bootstrap Carousel...
by kevinvess
Conflict between Gutenberg and Yoast SEO 2 comments
That sounds crazy! Well, I also have to start with the seo work of my...
by Cami70
Recommended plugin/service for live streaming worship services? 0 comments
by Heather.Chen
UUA Services Plugin - Button Text 0 comments
by Gary Guss
Upcoming Services Suddenly Not Showing 2 comments
Make sure that you are entering the dates as described on https://www.uua....
by margy
Unable to update Services Plugin from 1.0.3 to 1.1.0 2 comments
I have encountered the same problem, but have no backup to restore to.  Is...
by pj
Cannot Add New or Update Existing Services 2 comments
I went back to the Classic Editor, and am now able to update Service posts once...
by kilpatrickg
Links to speakers broken Services 2 comments
Thanks, Earl. Yes, I found the spurious '/ in the "custom permalink" setting....
by JimGasperini
Problem with the UUA Services plugin in a staging environment 1 comment
Hi Rob, Just to confirm, you're having trouble changing the link URLs in the...
by kevinvess
New Events Only Show when i am logged in 2 comments
1. Yes, they were published. 2. I really love all-in-one calendar. Easy to...
by ssander0
Services Plug-In Suggestions 1 comment
We're glad you like the theme! These are all great feature suggestions, and I'm...
by margy
Plugin advice needed 1 comment
I have no answers, but am interested in what you learn. BTW, we, too, just...
by George.Carvill
Possible conflict between Yoast and uua-staffer shortcode: Cannot modify header information 1 comment
Goodness, I'd posted this back in June (it's now September).  Looks like...
by cwjordan
How to add an iframe tag to a Services post 2 comments
Cool — I didn’t know that! Generally, a PDF will be a lot more readable if you...
by margy
Staffer 2.1.0 Plugin Issue 1 comment
Version 2.0.0 of the Staffer plugin was completely rebuilt to work differently...
by kevinvess
Simple Calendar plugin for displaying a Google Calendar 0 comments
by margy
[Closed] Services display above header on Upcoming and Past Services pages 1 comment
Jim answered himself: I found the problem:  the site had a very old...
by margy
[Closed] What is the Service Time Display box in Services posting area 1 comment
It’s all explained here: https://uuatheme.org/page-by-page-guidance/...
by margy
[Closed] The Services Widget 2 comments
Thanks for the info and I am sorry for posting this twice. When I posted it the...
by Anonymous
[Closed] Upcoming Services widget only displays a single service? Is there an option to have a short list? 3 comments
What would the code for this look like? I tried: [catlist services="yes"] but...
by Anonymous
[Closed] In the Testimony widget, is there a way to replace the text 'read the full testimonial' with 'read more' at the page break. 3 comments
I was correct that it isn't filterable, so to change it you'd have to do it...
by Anonymous
[Closed] The Scheduled Services don't appear to be automatically changing to Published Services once the date is past. 2 comments
You must have better mojo. I'll keep looking!  Thanks!  
by Anonymous
[Closed] Services Widget -- not shifting from upcoming to past 6 comments
I also am curious if there's a solution. We just had a service that had state "...
by Anonymous
[Closed] Converting old service posts to Services 23 comments
Also, without knowing the term_id, I would need to do a three-way join. So, I'm...
by Anonymous
[Closed] How can I add "Continued" to Past Services posting to force move to following page? 1 comment
You would have to filter the_excerpt to change the allowable tags if you wanted...
by Anonymous
[Closed] How do I add date/time to Services? 3 comments
Glad you found it. FYI, you don't have to use QuickEdit, you can do it in the...
by Anonymous
[Closed] Contact Form - only showing shortcode, no form 5 comments
I'm closing this since it's two years old. If this is still an issue, please...
by margy
[Closed] Testimonial basics 1 comment
I'm hoping that these pages will help:  http://uuatheme.org/page-by-page-...
by margy
[Closed] Services plugin problems 1 comment
Update to the new theme and Services plugin and repost if this is still a...
by margy
[Closed] Google Forms Plug In 2 comments
I'm closing this because it's a year old and missing enough detail to answer.
by margy
[Closed] Purpose of speaker posts? Speaker name doesn't link with speaker description 3 comments
Their bio (or whatever you put in the 'description' taxonomy field) will appear...
by Anonymous
[Closed] Next Worship Service rolling over too early 4 comments
Thanks for sharing such timely and specific info! I made the changes and look...
by Anonymous

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