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Custom Services feed for Mailchimp Newsletter 0 comments
by Heather.Chen
Any recommendations for a FAQ / Frequently-Asked Questions page? 0 comments
by dsm2005
Fundraising 1 comment
We haven't tried any. You might want to ask on the Facebook UU Website Lab, too...
by margy
Need expanded logon plugin and doc management plugin 0 comments
by Jim Holmes
[Closed] UUA Sample Theme Content File 1 comment
Good catch, and my apologies! I fixed the link and you can go straight to it...
by margy
[Closed] Maps broken on UUA Theme demo site 2 comments
Finally fixed it.
by margy
[Closed] Any recommendations on which newsletter plugin to use? 4 comments
Janeen - Bryan's absolutely right that the first thing to do is to figure out...
by Anonymous
[Closed] Why does the contents of the Footer 1 Widget Area appear to be duplicated in the Directions drop down? 4 comments
I notice that the text at the top, when displayed on a smart phone, crops off...
by Anonymous
[Closed] Custom Template usage produces strange results 1 comment
It shouldn't actually be there at all. That file exists as a starting point for...
by Anonymous
[Closed] News menu item seems inconsistent/confusing 2 comments
In my attempts to figure out how to produce a page (or eventually a set of...
by Anonymous
[Closed] Choosing a page template together with choosing one or more sidebar is very confusing 2 comments
This is a follow-on to my attempts at creating a separate menu in the left hand...
by Anonymous
[Closed] On the upcoming services page - 1 comment
There's no present way to fix this, aside from using the custom excerpt field...
by Anonymous
[Closed] How to add an online directory? 1 comment
You'd have to add a directory plugin and a mechanism for restricting access....
by Anonymous
[Closed] Is it necessary for testimonials to include the words "Comments are closed?" 1 comment
Changed the template to make the display of all comments (and the default note...
by Anonymous
[Closed] Posts showing on Homepage instead of Widgets 1 comment
Sorry, I just realized you have to set the home page to be a static page called...
by lhartwig
[Closed] How do I get recent post to appear in the body of the News page? 5 comments
Still trying to get the News page to look like the demo. This shortcode catlist...
by Anonymous
[Closed] Full-width Page Template doesn't seem to show full content 15 comments
Closing this, since there's a new version of the theme.
by margy
[Closed] Theme Licensed Under GPL 1 comment
Thanks Dan. Looks like we missed the license file when we wrapped it up....
by Anonymous
[Closed] How to style the Events Calendar in calendar view 4 comments
Thanks Jim.  Reinstalling the theme helped somewhat with my problem. I am still...
by Anonymous
[Closed] Events plugin defaults date format to dd/mm/yyyy 1 comment
Thanks for highlighting this - I remember having to fix this on the Demo site....
by smillspaugh
[Closed] Is there a way to exclude certain event categories from showing up in the Events list? 1 comment
There certainly is. In the events widget you can select categories not to show...
by Anonymous
[Closed] How do I change the link to the terms and conditions 1 comment
That would be one of the links in the footer menu.
by Anonymous
[Closed] Contact page in demo content has link to external demo 3 comments
Navigation links link to the site's resource record. Inline content is...
by Anonymous
[Closed] When can we use the logos? 1 comment
I don't know if there is a hard and fast rule associated with displaying the...
by Anonymous
[Closed] If I re-upload content from the theme demo site, will that overwrite images in my media library? 1 comment
The demo content doesn't overwrite what's there. It'll add the demo content to...
by Anonymous
[Closed] Is there a recommended plugin for accepting donations in the new UUA theme? 1 comment
The UUA doesn't have a specific recommendation around this, but I'm sure you...
by smillspaugh
[Closed] Second Events Page with Specific Category 7 comments
Jim, I'm no expert in how these fora (sic!) work, but I think you might have...
by Anonymous
[Closed] Fix the "Contact" page 21 comments
Looks good, but change "" to your own website's URL. And once...
by Anonymous
[Closed] How to post a question containing an image 4 comments
Thanks, Sarah!
by Anonymous
[Closed] Events Manager - WP FullCalendar - Events disappearing 2 comments
I meant "Compatibility issue between Events Manger and the current version of...
by Anonymous
[Closed] Directions and Search don't work from certain pages 9 comments
Yep, I'm using the Event Manager calendar. Since I'm the webmaster and...
by Anonymous
[Closed] Links from UU World Weekly Newsletter 1 comment
Copying articles in full would constitute copyright infringement. Grabbing a...
by Anonymous
[Closed] Services in Mailchimp newsletter 1 comment is the feed address of services on the...
by Anonymous
[Closed] Display Events with Most-recently Edited Events First (in All-in-One Calendar) 1 comment
Thanks, we'll pass this along to our developer! - Carey
by cmcdonald
[Closed] adding meetup to the header with the other social media icons 7 comments
FYI - Meetup has changed its format, I can no longer find the code.  If you...
by Lori.Reeder
[Closed] Replace UUA logo with Canadian logo in footer 1 comment
I have to get the CUC to make a flag that fits there. I'll let you know when I...
by Anonymous
[Closed] Margin Issue on Search Results page 1 comment
Yeah, this would be a goof. When there isn't a specific search.php template,...
by Anonymous
[Closed] After the theme upgrade to 1.1 locations services no longer work. Any suggestions? 3 comments
Thanks, you answer above worked perfectly. I only needed to add the 3 http...
by Anonymous
[Closed] directions and search links not working 3 comments
I've had this problem since I started using the original UUA theme and the...
by Anonymous
[Closed] Monthly topics no longer display with updated UUA Services plugin 6 comments
I think you are right about there not being a way to list services by topic....
by Anonymous
[Closed] Upload image bug in Home Page Features widget 5 comments
Thanks for updating the thread title. Actually no, this is a bug introduced...
by Anonymous
[Closed] Rollover effect on images with captions 9 comments
Thanks, will do.
by Anonymous
[Closed] Accessibility of the theme 0 comments
by uuawebteam

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