Adapting the Downloaded Website Content for Your Congregation

Part of Documentation

If you plan to use the theme’s sample content, your site will be more findable in Google searches if you personalize it. Personalize by:

  • rephrasing pages using your own voice
  • adding local references, like “At UU Church of Somewhere, we celebrate the 6th Principle with International Day, held each April.”
  • adding a page section with a header like “The 6th Principle at UU Church of Somewhere.”

This will help search engines like Google differentiate your pages from other congregations who are also using the UUA’s sample content, and will improve the chances that your page about Unitarian Universalism will show up higher in the results for people searching within your area.

Your site’s overall SEO (search engine optimization) will not be harmed by having duplicate content on your site (your home page will likely rank well for searches for UUs in your area), but by taking steps to personalize your information, you can improve the ranking of your deeper pages, increasing the chances that local people will stumble across your site serendipitously.