Proposing a Program for General Assembly

Request for UUA General Assembly 2022 Program Proposals

General Assembly is the largest annual manifestation of the Unitarian Universalist community. We are looking for programs that are the best of the best - adding tremendous value to this experience.

The theme for General Assembly 2022 is "Meet the Moment: Reimagining a Radical Faith Community." Proposed programs should provide meaningful opportunities for learning and skill development, as well as address one or more of the following focus areas:

  • Opportunities to reimagine and embody our radical and liberating theology
    • Deepen understanding of how our contemporary and historical theology (as well as some beyond our movement) can provide a foundation for living/practicing beloved community.
    • Opportunities to embody and experience our theology through worship and ritual.
    • Engage in theological discernment of our values, purpose, principles and governance through with the Article II Commission, Institutional Change practices and reimaging governance.
  • Skills to Level Up to meet urgent justice needs of the moment
    • Inspiration, tools, and networking that strengthen our capacity for organizing and moral response to the urgent issues of climate justice, defending and expanding democracy, and responding to exploitative and extractive capitalism and inequity.
    • Effective multiplatform opportunities to support local and national justice efforts that build capacity and resources locally and in us as UUs broadly
    • Spiritual resources that help sustain us for long-haul work
  • Strengthening our Community of Communities through connections and skill building. Drawing from the work of Paula Cole Jones, who has introduced the notion of congregations as a Community of Communities, we invite proposals that:
    • Build new connections with GA attendees, hopefully continuing these beyond GA; feel a part of a "community of communities"
    • Inspiration and tools to continue and deepen multi-platform ministry and building online and multiplatform community
    • Opportunities to grow connection and care within communities and across our communities of communities
    • Opportunities to engage spiritually, through conversation, ritual, networking that tend to our spiritual needs for healing and sustenance within beloved faith community.

Types of Programs

  1. Live In-Person Workshops – Select proposals will be chosen for 90-minute programs that will be presented live in Portland, Oregon. Proposed workshops must demonstrate the need for live attendee engagement/participation during GA and focus on developing skills and capacities for mission-focused work in congregations and communities. A subset of these programs may be chosen to stream to virtual attendees.
  2. Live Interactive Webinars – Select proposals will be chosen for 90-minute live webinar workshops (not in-person in Portland). Proposed workshops must demonstrate the need for live attendee engagement/participation during GA and focus on developing skills and capacities for mission-focused work in congregations and communities.
  3. On-Demand Programs – Proposals for fully pre-recorded programs (workshops, lectures, panels, worship services, etc.) will be selected for virtual and in-person GA attendees to view on-demand. If your proposal is selected, video submissions will be due by April 30. Videos should be up to 90 minutes or less.

Important Dates

  • January 14 – Program Proposal deadline
  • End of February – Selection notices will be sent to all applicants
  • March 15
    • Deadline to report any edits or presenter changes.
    • Deadline to upload speaker photos and bios.
    • Deadline to submit a trailer video
  • April 30 – final video for on-demand programs due

Other Information

  • If selected, you will need to review and reply to the Event Edit Email by March 15. In late February, the GA Office will email to you the GA Event Edit Email. The Event Edit Email will indicate all of your event specifications, including the scheduled date and time of your event (if live), as well as the event title, program description, and presenters. Please carefully proof the Event Edit Email to ensure that all of your event information is correct and that your presenters are available when scheduled (if applicable).
  • In-Person Meeting Rooms
    Furniture arrangement in GA program rooms is TBD as we must consider health protocols. Live In-Person Workshops will be scheduled in meeting rooms that will automatically be equipped with a lectern and microphone, an audience microphone on a stand, and an LCD Projector and Screen Package. You will need to bring your own laptop. Contact Don Plante,, if you would like to rent additional AV for your presentation.
  • Funding Request
    Limited financial support will be awarded based on need, the availability of additional revenue sources, and the strength of the proposal. If you plan to request funds, please provide program budget information, including other possible sources of funding. The maximum amount that will be awarded to a program is $750. Priority will be given to support in-person programs as the cost to participate in-person is greater.

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