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Terms and Conditions for General Assembly Program Proposals

Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your willingness to offer a General Assembly (GA) program. Before you apply, please be aware that presenting a program involves costs and responsibilities. Please read this information carefully and completely.

Financial Considerations

Please consider the following factors in budgeting for your program.

  1. You need to ensure that all of your program presenters are registered for GA. Registration is required for all of your program's presenters. As the event contact, it is your responsibility to ensure that your invited presenters are registered. This may be at your expense or it may be at the presenter's expense. For example, if your presenter is a Unitarian Universalist (UU) minister or congregational leader who would be attending GA anyway, you could make the presenter responsible for registering and paying for themselves. If your presenter is not Unitarian Universalist and/or would not be attending GA for another reason other than speaking at your program, it would be appropriate for you to register and pay for them. In either circumstance, you need to make sure your presenters are registered. Registration fees and information.

    It is the policy of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) that all participants in General Assembly programmed events must be registered for the conference. GA registrants receive access to events listed in the GA Printed Program, as well as an official name badge to identify them to fellow participants, event staff and security. Speakers, presenters, performers, assistants, and any others who participate in GA programmed events will not receive a GA name badge unless they are registered for General Assembly. GA name badges are required for admission to GA programs and the Exhibit Hall. There are no exceptions.
  2. You will be responsible for rental fees for supplemental audio visual equipment (optional). Meeting rooms for GA programs will be equipped with one wireless handheld microphone that can be used at the lectern or can be passed for Q&A. One handheld wireless microphone is the only AV that will be supplied free of charge.  If you would like to rent additional AV (for PowerPoint presentations or additional microphones) the deadline to order AV at the early rate is January 31.  Prices will increase on February 1 and again on May 16.  View the pricing for AV rental
  3. Consider the travel expenses for your program participants.
  4. You will be responsible for your speaker's honorarium (if applicable).

Copyright Permissions

As the program contact, you assume responsibility to ensure that copyright permissions have been obtained on all of the following used in your program:

  • Printed copies of text, music, or images
  • Playing recordings or live music (Please note that both the music/text and the recording can be under copyright)
  • Display of music, text, images, or video on a screen
  • Reading/reciting text that is protected under copyright

Edit Email

You will need to review and reply to the Event Edit Email by February 24. In early to mid February, the GA Office will email to you the GA Event Edit Email. The Event Edit Email will indicate all of your event specifications, including the scheduled date, time and location of your event, as well as the event title, program description, and list of A/V equipment ordered. Please carefully proof the Event Edit Email to ensure that all of your event information is correct and that your presenters are available when scheduled. 

Two audience members raise their hands during a workshop

You need to ensure that all of your program presenters are registered for GA.

Three presenters stand at the front of a workshop. The middle presenter speaks into a handheld microphone.

You will be responsible for rental fees for supplemental audio visual equipment.

Two attendees view a large bulletin board display by "Landscape of Experience: A UU POC Leadership Collective"

Consider the travel expenses for your program participants.

A woman gestures with her hands during a panel discussion in General Session

You will be responsible for your speaker's honorarium, if applicable.