UUA President Rev. Peter Morales Invites You to Justice GA 2012

An invitation to General Assembly (GA) 2012 from Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) President, Rev. Peter Morales.

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Peter Morales: Hello. I'm Peter Morales, President of the UUA. It won't be long before thousands of us, and I hope that includes you, are headed for Justice General Assembly in Phoenix. I'm excited about this year's GA. We've been working with partners from local and national organizations, and it's going to be remarkable to see how much we can accomplish in five days.

At first glance, five days may not seem like much time. But during our time in Phoenix, we'll be learning from each other and from our partners in Arizona.

Carlos Garcia: I think in five days, the contribution of people, not only been here, and being in the act, and witness to what's going on here in Arizona, but what's going to happen afterwards.

Daniel Rodriguez: Maybe, they can do a lot of work here by going into the community, learning about what's going on, and helping with anything that's taking place.

Luis Avila: People visiting Arizona, not only absorb the situation that we're living here, but they also understand that we're a microcosm of what could happen around the country.

Susan Frederick-Gray: So together, we've been creating this general assembly. Working with National Day Labor Organizing Network, the UUA National Office, with other organizations to bring in media trainers, power analysis trainers. Organizing trainers to help us build capacity for the long work for human rights in this country.

Peter Morales: In five days, we'll be able to lay a foundation for social justice that will far outlast Justice GA. I can't wait to see how much we can accomplish together, And the days, and in the years to come.

Carlos Garcia: My name is Carlos Garcia from Puente, Arizona, and I hope to see here, in Phoenix, Arizona, for the Justice GA.

Luis Avila: I look forward to seeing you here and taking action together, and stopping injustices that are happening, particularly in Maricopa County. So see you here.

Daniel Rodriguez: I'll see you at Justice GA.

UUA Headquarters Staff: We're helping to Justice General Assembly for you. See you there.