The UUA Board of Trustees Invites You to Justice GA 2012

Gini Courter, Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Moderator, and the Board of Trustees invite you to to Justice General Assembly 2012.

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GINI COURTER: I'm Gini Courter, and I'm honored to serve our congregations as moderator. Two years ago in Minneapolis, delegates from all of our congregations voted to hold this year's General Assembly, that they named Justice General Assembly, in Phoenix. Not so we could simply expand justice in Arizona, but so we could extend justice anywhere the Unitarian Universalists gather to light a chalice.

Since then, your staff, your board, the General Assembly Planning Committee, the Accountability Group, our partners in Arizona, the Arizona Immigration Ministry, all the folks those delegates charge to create a GA, have been hard at work to create a GA with unprecedented opportunities for worship around justice, for learning around justice, for work for justice. I'm very excited about this year's Justice General Assembly. I will be in Phoenix, and I hope that you will join me there for the future of our faith.

UUA BOARD OF TRUSTEES: We're going to this year's General Assembly for Justice. Join us.