Youth Caucus Deans Invite You to Justice GA 2012

Sarah Surface, Senior Dean Youth Caucus and Asha Arora, Co-Dean Youth Caucus, invite you to Justice General Assembly 2012.

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SARAH SURFACE: Oh, hi. I didn't see you there. My name is Sarah Surface, and I'm the senior dean of this year's General Assembly youth caucus.

ASHA ARORA: Hi. I'm Asha Arora, and I am your youth co-dean for this year's Justice GA, and I'm really excited to be working with all of you.

I'm excited about General Assembly because I am from Phoenix and I've seen all the injustices. And I really think, with our presence, we can help change that.

SARAH SURFACE: I think youth come to Justice GA because it's going to be a great time for us to make a difference. We're going to be out there with adults, witnessing, doing service, really making sure that our voice is heard. And saying that it's not just adults that are helping in this cause, it's the young voices that are really making a difference as well.

ASHA ARORA: Youth in particular should come to GA because we are some of the most passionate and energetic about it.

SARAH SURFACE: We also want to bring in some partners and presenters that can train us. Say, how can we take this back to our community, how can we take it home to our congregation and really get something going?

I want youth to know that they're going to be coming into a community at GA that's open and loving.

ASHA ARORA: I would like youth to know that they're welcome, no matter who they are, and that we would really appreciate and value their presence.

SARAH SURFACE: We, the youth caucus deans, would like to formally invite you guys to come to GA 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona.

ASHA ARORA: And we'd like you to tell your friends and be ready for a fun, safe, and incredible experience at GA 2012.

SARAH SURFACE: We'll see you there.