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Measures Passed About General Assembly (GA) 2012—A Justice GA

Measures Passed by the 2011 General Assembly

  • Delegates voted to eliminate Actions of Immediate Witness (AIWs) at 2012 Justice GA
    UU World: After impassioned debate on the future of Actions of Immediate Witness at Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) General Assemblies, delegates overwhelmingly voted in favor of a bylaw amendment that would eliminate AIWs at the 2012 Justice GA in Phoenix. The amendment also reconstitutes AIWs with the 2013 GA, reducing the allowable number of AIWs to three from six. Read the UUWorld article .
  • A responsive resolution was adopted calling on members of congregations and religious professionals to learn Spanish as part of their commitment to a multicultural Unitarian Universalism. The resolution was introduced by the Rev. Orlanda Brugnola.
  • A responsive resolution was adopted calling on the Board of Trustees, UUA staff and the GA Planning Committee to facilitate a youth and young adult “action ministry” to train people around the issues that Unitarian Universalists (UUs) will be involved with in Phoenix next summer. The resolution was introduced by Rob Smith, of Valley UU Church in Chandler, AZ

Measures Passed by the 2010 General Assembly

  • 'Justice' General Assembly to be held in Phoenix. Delegates at the 2010 GA in Minneapolis overwhelmingly endorsed a resolution committing themselves to holding a special “Justice” General Assembly in Phoenix in 2012. The resolution’s passage was the result of the mini-assembly process, which produced a document after hours of meetings, negotiation, and compromise. Read the UUWorld article.
  • Phoenix General Assembly 2012 Business Resolution: calls on the UUA Board to gather Unitarian Universalists for the purposes of witnessing on immigration, racial and economic justice—a “Justice” General Assembly—in June 2012, to be held in Phoenix, AZ.
  • Action of Immediate Witness: Oppose Anti-Immigrant Measures at the State Level (Arizona Law SB 1070 and the Like) and Hasten Federal Immigration Reform.
  • Responsive Resolution Regarding 2012 General Assembly: the General Assembly strongly urges the UUA staff, the Board of Trustees and the General Assembly Planning Committee to consider a number of conditions while planning for this "Justice" General Assembly in Arizona 2012.

Ongoing discussion of issues related to General Assembly in Phoenix also takes place on the UUA-GA email list.

Hundreds of General Assembly delegates hold aloft their pink voting cards.

General Assembly 2011 in Charlotte, NC

Voting at General Assembly 2010.

General Assembly 2010 in Minneapolis, MN