Responsive Resolution Regarding 2012 General Assembly 2010 Responsive Resolution

WHEREAS the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Board Report on the Business Resolution on Phoenix General Assembly 2012 calls for a gathering of Unitarian Universalists for the "purposes of witnessing on immigration, racial, and economic justice—a 'Justice' General Assembly,"

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association strongly urges the UUA staff, the Board of Trustees and the General Assembly Planning Committee to consider a number of conditions while planning for this "Justice" General Assembly in Arizona 2012. The Youth Caucus envisions a General Assembly in which:

  • we gather in nonviolent protest with a focus on public witness and social action;
  • appropriate consideration is given to make this General Assembly accessible for all participants;
  • efforts are made to recognize the voices of delegates who choose not to attend General Assembly 2012 for reasons of safety or personal ethics;
  • worship services, specifically a bridging celebration and multigenerational worships, are preserved;
  • programming, including youth, young adult, and multigenerational programming, is educational, informative, and reflective of the spirit of a "Justice" General Assembly; and
  • youth and young adults are involved as both participants and leaders throughout the process.