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Learn about the Congregational Life Advisory Council of the Central East Region
Congregational Life Advisory Council (CLAC)

Congregational Life Advisory Council Introduction

Congregational Life Advisory Council Introduction

Greetings from the Central East Region (CER) Congregational Life Advisory Council.

So, what is this Congregational Life Advisory Council you might ask? As of July 1st, 2015 there are no longer district staff in the 4 districts in the Central East Region; most of our staff have become UUA employees within the Congregational Life department of the UUA. This provides our region a greater depth of staff experience and provides the staff greater opportunities within the wider UUA.

The Congregational Life Advisory Council will act as a liaison in providing feedback from congregations, professional groups, clusters and other constituencies to the staff. The goal is to provide the best possible support to our congregations and beyond, and provide communication channels to do this. A side benefit of this is the sharing of wider denominational information with the congregations, clusters and other groups with which the council is in relationship.

Each fall, in depth interviews will be held with selected representatives of the region.   Each spring a wider survey to all will be done. This honest and open feedback will be collated for the staff team to assist with their operational planning and evaluation by our Congregational Life Advisory Council.

The advisory council members are:

  • Rev. Lane Campbell (lane [at] firstuucolumbus [dot] org), First UU Columbus, OH, Ohio-Meadville District, Minister of Religious Education
  • Laura Conkle (lauraconkle [at] hotmail [dot] com), Ohio-Meadville District Board Member & Central East Transitions Team
  • Carla Johnson (carla [dot] cj [dot] johnson [at] gmail [dot] com, Joseph Priestley District Board Member
  • Rev. Megan Foley (mfoley [at] uua [dot] org), Central East Region Lead
  • Rev. Kimberly Quinn Johnson (minister [at] uucsf [dot] org), UU Congregation South Fork, NY, Minister, Metro NY District

Some key values of the Advisory Council are:

  • We value local context in the achievement of our UUA ends.
  • We believe that Congregational Life strategic priorities and programming should be accountable and responsive to the unique needs, challenges and opportunities of congregations and beyond as well as our UUA ends and the UUA President’s strategic plan.
  • We believe that being in relationship with the Director of Congregational Life as advisors and ambassadors will provide a robust level of accountability. It is the type of relational accountability that our covenantal faith tradition upholds.
  • In addition to this “relational accountability,” the Director of Congregational Life is organizationally accountable to the democratically-elected UUA board through the office of the UUA President.

We look forward to meeting many of you through our outreach. Please contact any of the council members with any questions.

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