Permission Forms and Communication with Parents

Permission forms are one form of communication with parents and guardians. Parents/guardians should understand the components of a youth program including:

  • What kind of incidents they will or will not be informed about regardless of the desire of their youth.
  • Any material or activities that could require their permission.
  • The rules and supervision within the program.

Permission forms can and should address:

  • Medical information.
  • Whether youth may self-administer prescribed medication.
  • Permission to treat in case of medical emergency.
  • Liability release.
  • Rules and behavioral expectations.
  • Parental responsibility in cases where youth do not follow expectations.

For longer trips, permission forms should also address:

  • Whether youth may self-administer specific over the counter medication in case of headaches, fever, sunburn, stomach ache, etc.

Samples Permission and Medical Release Forms

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