Policies for Overnight Youth Events

Policies around sleeping arrangements at youth events in the past have either been too laissez-faire, or rigidly bound to norms that don't fit our values (assumptions of heterosexuality or binary gender.)

Creating safe spaces where youth feel comfortable and included is paramount. So is reducing the risk of non-consensual behavior or violations of state laws around age and sexual contact. These updated recommended practices reflect a more inclusive and respectful understanding of gender, sexuality, and identity.

Recommended Practices

  • Standard sleeping arrangements
    • single-gender room options
    • all-gender room option for transgender inclusion
    • no shared bedding
    • visible floor space between youth
    • two adults awake at all times providing rotating supervision
  • Alternative sleeping arrangements (only with small groups with a high degree of trust in the youth and youth commitment to covenant)
    • Youth and adults sleep in the same rooms, with at least two adults in each room of youth
    • No shared bedding and visible floor space between all sleepers
    • Youth covenant to sleep, the group sets a bedtime, and adults stay awake until youth go to bed.
    • Adults wake periodically at night to check on youth.

Sample Policies