Metamorphosis Youth Leadership Camp

A UU youth stands and looks at interactive post-it notes describing elements of worship.


Questions? Contact youth ministry specialist Eric Bliss from the Pacific Western Region staff: - 303-903-3144

Metamorphosis Youth Leadership Camp is a five-day community building and training space for high school youth interested in leadership, activism, and spiritual growth.

In the process of deeply listening, through exploration and learning, students and staff examine Unitarian Universalist Religious History and Values, Worship Skills, Spiritual Practices, Leadership Development, and Counter Oppression, with each lesson purposefully incorporating the lenses of activism, advocacy, and the building of Beloved Community.

All of this takes place alongside designing one’s individual Credo, which is a statement about one’s own personal operating beliefs, within the context of Unitarian Universalism and the wider world. These are the values, beliefs, and tenets that guide your behavior as a leader within our movement and within other movements that uphold the values of inclusivity, justice, compassion, and radical love.

Metamorphosis is a joyful, challenging, intense week of interaction from morning until night, where Students and Staff work together, learning side by side with engaging workshops, worships, and activities. All the while building an inclusive, supportive community, not for its own sake, but to practice these skills for use outside the Camp, to attain the dream of Beloved Community for all.

Metamorphosis Youth Leadership Camp is a laboratory for studying how to bring Unitarian Universalism to life, how to make it more enriching, and how to recognize and reinforce what makes a community invitational. Metamorphosis also teaches you how to bring that kind of knowledge, skill, and joy to the rest of your life.

Metamorphosis is actually much more than a camp, or a retreat. Metamorphosis is an immersion event that can result in a significant change in the life of a young person, in a community, and in the larger world of Unitarian Universalism. Metamorphosis is about bringing a community of youth and adults to a turning point with the potential to engage a new level of understanding, confidence, clarity, and depth about what it means to be an inspiring, skillful, and humble leader. It's an event that can change the way we think and act as Unitarian Universalists, and it is an investment in our future.

If you want to gain a new understanding and improve your leadership skills, Metamorphosis is for you.

If you’ve…

  • Volunteered for a cause

  • Worked on a committee

  • Held an office

  • Taken part in a worship service

  • Attended a meeting

  • Felt moved by an issue

  • Organized an endeavor

  • Participated in a discussion

  • Been involved in a conflict

  • Or wanted to do any of these things…

Metamorphosis is for You.

You can expect to gain the confidence and competence to put your faith in action to take a more meaningful role in the life of your congregation, your district, and your wider community.

  • Deepen your knowledge of Unitarian Universalists’ challenging religious heritage and values

  • Expand your skills for growing healthy groups

  • Explore paths of worship

  • Attend to your spirit, your highest self.

  • Hone leadership skills so you can better heal our world

  • Develop your personal creed

Bring your best.
Leave better. Help heal the world.

Three youth with their arms around each other attending Goldmine
The flame of the UUA chalice logo on a yellow-gold background.