Photo of the PNWD Yes Team 2018-2019 on a playground apparatus

2018-2019 YES Team

The sixteen members of the 2017-2018 PNWD YES Team

2017-2018 YES Team

What Does Yes Team Stand For?

The Youth Empowerment Services Team.

Who Does Yes Team Serve?

YES Team serves the PWR Youth Ministry Vision (link), and more specifically, the youth community in the Pacific Northwest. That includes youth (high school aged youth, approximately ages 14-18), their youth group advisors / sponsors (adults over 25 engaged in youth ministry), DREs, and ministers. Basically, anyone and everyone involved in youth ministry in the PNW (Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho, and British Columbia).

Who Is on Yes Team?

Youth (2020-2021)

Mali Gottfried - UU Fellowship of Corvallis (YES Team Chair, 2nd year)
Hannah Christison - UU Fellowship of Corvallis (YES Team Chair)
Emeline Wolff - UU Church of Vancouver (YES Team Chair)
Maggie Delaney - Tahoma UU Congregation
Sam McDaniel - University Unitarian, Seattle
Kyle Velasco - East Shore Unitarian Church
Talyn Pullar - Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Willamette Falls
Jeannette Patric - Quimper UU Fellowship
Layla Walter - UU Fellowship of Corvallis
Emily Hatfield - UU Church in Eugene

Adult Observers

Eric Bliss - South Valley UU Society (PWR Youth Ministry Specialist)
Justin Almeida - University Unitarian, Seattle
Cynthia Becker - Quimper UU Fellowship

What Does Yes Team Do?

The Youth Empowerment Services (YES) Team serves as the youth board for the Pacific Northwest District of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations. YES Team is committed to…

  • Establishing thriving relationships between congregations and the wider youth community
  • Facilitating youth conversations in both the district youth community and wider UU communities
  • Providing opportunities and resources for youth leadership and empowerment
  • Cultivating and maintaining a radically inclusive environment for all individuals within the district and within YES Team itself
  • Collaborating with other districts to share resources, engage in anti-oppression work, and forge lifelong bonds

How Do I Join Yes Team?

YES Team members are expected to serve for at least one year. YES Team is open to youth ages 15-19 (in grades 9-12 or the equivalent) and adults ages 25+ who are involved in PNW youth ministry.

Youth must be associated with a UUA congregation or be a part of the greater youth community, and must have attended at least one PNW district youth conference before joining the team. If you have any questions about any of this, please

Applications open in March for the following year.

YES Team also sponsors YEA (Youth Empowerment Action) Committee, a team of youth leaders not previously involved with YES Team. Applications open in November, and YEA Committee works January through March to provide opportunities for leadership and involvement at PNWD Spring Con. At the end of the term, members either bridge or are given the opportunity to join YES Team.

Where Can I Learn More?

Visit us on Instagram (@pnwyesteam) or Facebook, or send us an email: