Camp Blue Boat in the PNW

Youth illuminated by campfire light at sunset lakeside, one youth stands in the middle, others seated on logs

We saved you a spot at Camp Blue Boat

Camp Blue Boat

PNW's Camp Blue Boat is a Unitarian Universalist summer camp immersion experience for youth from rising 9th grade to 12th grade graduates. Campers, counselors and staff will spend time exploring being in relationship with one's self, others, and the wider world. Understanding relationships is necessary for a healthy spirit and for saving our lifeboat Earth. At camp, youth learn about community, spirituality, justice, equality, and also have a ton of fun! UU Camp is based upon 4 basic pillars. After attending, the youth will be able to:

  • Articulate beliefs grounded in UU theology and values;
  • Develop spiritual discipline;
  • Engage in social change rooted firmly in faith, love, and trust;
  • Build personal and religious resilience.

These attributes will take hold through workshops and immersion experiences aimed at exploring a faith-centered life; through time for personal reflection and developing spiritual practice; through fun activities like field games, crafts, hikes, swimming, and bonfires; through a Wilderness Council & Council of Elders, where youth share statements of faith and insights; by engaging in ritual via daily worships and walking the Labyrinth; and through integrated leadership development training, mentoring and modeling, to mention just a few! Come change your life forever... for the better!

Ages: All youth rising to 9th grade through those who have just graduated are invited to attend Camp Blue Boat

Dates: Returning in 2022

Fees: TBD

Location: PNW TBA

Financial Need: No one should be stopped from attending PWR events because of finances. This is a team effort. If you need assistance to attend, please complete Youth Scholarship Application. If you can contribute to the youth scholarship fund, please do so (opportunity inside registration).