Theme Program & Conversations II: The Heart of Our Faith, #UUAGA 2019
Theme Program & Conversations II: The Heart of Our Faith, General Assembly 2019
General Assembly, Online GA

General Assembly 2019 Event #404

Unedited live captions of Theme Program II (TXT) were created during the event, and contain some errors. Captioning is not available for some copyrighted material.

Program Description

What does it meant to embody “The Power of We?” As a gathered assembly, and then in breakout sessions, we will tell stories of experiencing our collective power, identify our theological and spiritual roots, and name the core of our faith that unites us. Connect with Unitarian Universalists across generations through heart to heart conversations about spirituality and imagination. Take this experience home through a study guide you can share with your congregation or community.


  1. When is a time that you felt “the power of we” in Unitarian Universalism?
  2. What is so important in Unitarian Universalism that you would be willing to sacrifice for it?
  3. What will it take for Unitarian Universalism to fully embody “the power of we?

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