How News Posts Work Using the UUA WordPress Theme

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Creating a News Post

To create a page that appears in the news listing on your news page, create a new Post page by choosing Posts > Add New. (Or choose +New > Post from the menu at the top of the page.) Either way, you see an Add New Post edit page, where you enter:

  • Title: Short, with the most important words first
  • Text of the news item. Keep it short, too.
  • Set the date of the news item in the right-hand Publish box. Click the Edit link next to “Publish Immediately” and enter the date when you want the post to be published.
  • Under Categories, check “News” so the post will be included in news listings.
  • The Featured Image (scroll way down to see it in the right-hand column) displays an image at the top of the page. This image will be displayed in listings of news items, so it’s a great idea.

Where News Listings Appear

Homepage: You can display the most recent news posts on the home page. See the Homepage instructions, box “Home 6”.

News page: The page at <your-site>/news/ isn’t accessible from the main menu, but when you are on other pages in the News section, it appears in the left-hand sidebar menu. To configure it to display a listing of recent news posts, choose Settings > Reading from the Dashboard to display the Reading Settings page. Set the Posts Page dropdown setting to “News” and click the Save Changes button.

News > About News page: If your site has a page with the URL <your-site>/category/news/, it displays a listing new Post pages with Category = News. In the demo site, this page is entitled “About News” and it’s under “News” on the main menu.

Sidebar: The most recent news posts can also appear in the right-hand sidebar of most of your pages. Choose Appearance > Widgets to see what’s in your site’s Primary Sidebar — the sidebar that will appear pages (other than the homepage) unless the page specifies something different. The UUA Theme comes with the “Recent Posts: Recent News” width in the Primary sidebar. You can edit the settings for the widget, including whether to show the date and how many news posts to list, by clicking the widget.