The "Justice" Section of Your Congregation's Website

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The Justice Landing Page

This page includes pictures of people in the congregation changing the world: working for justice through advocacy, activism, and community service. The text emphasizes “why we do what we do” in a simple and inviting way. See the social justice page for an example.

Justice Subpages

Service Projects

Emphasize here your community service projects, past and present. What volunteer projects and programs do adults, youth, and children engage in with the congregation? Provide links to partner organizations, and pictures of congregants engaged in service. Emphasize how to get involved.

Green Action

This page is for your advocacy, activism, and service related to climate justice and the environment. You may wish to link this with the Green Sanctuary page in the About section, or combine those two pages in one place. Talk about the ways your congregation limits its energy use, works with members to develop green practices at home, works in the community for responsible policies, and connects with the marginalized communities that are often most vulnerable to environmental degradation and climate change. Emphasize how to get involved.

Social Justice

This page emphasizes your advocacy and activism for social change. If you are involved with local or statewide coalitions, or if you are working on various social issues, this is a place to describe them, with pictures and links to partner groups. Emphasize how people in the congregation, including people new to the congregation, can get involved in this work.