The CON Talk

The Con Talk is to be implemented in advance of a youth event, to take place between youth and adult sponsor, DRE, or other religious professional.

Questions to Discuss

  • Why do you want to go to CON?
  • What do you want to learn at CON?
  • There are Worships, Workshops, Playshops, Touch Groups, Caucuses, a ‘No-Talent Show,’ and a Dance. These are all planned and run by youth and adults in partnership. What do you think about these?
  • Are there things you don’t want to do?

Rules & Expectations to Discuss

  • No substance abuse of any kind, including smoking, vaping, alcohol, & drugs illegal for youth (This includes adults, even if something’s legal for them)
  • No sexual behavior, intimate behavior, or public nudity
  • No violence or threats of violence
  • No intentional damage of the site, and in case of damage, report it
  • One body, one bag, one mattress, in the cabin you were assigned
  • Puppy piles / cuddle puddles are welcome in public spaces (not sleeping spaces)
  • Everyone is expected to attend all CON programming. If you need to step away briefly for self-care, please let your sponsor know. It’s OK to take a little break--Con can be overwhelming.
  • Check in with your sponsor at least at each meal time. Share how CON is going for you and if there’s anything you need.
  • It’s tempting to get very busy and skip meals or get little or no sleep. But sustenance and sleep will get you recharged to participate with your best self.
  • Avoid energy drinks. These are dehydrating and destabilizing.
  • Respect the site. We borrow the space from organizations and want them in awe of UU peeps! Take care of buildings, grounds, and equipment as if they’re sacred.
  • Stay on site and within boundaries. Certain areas or facilities will be off limits, including all lakes, rivers and pools. If you want to explore beyond the site, ask a staff person to help you organize a hike.

Since we sponsor you, then we will expect you to go and engage in all activities, represent your congregation and Unitarian Universalism well, and have fun. We want you to take care of yourself and enjoy the incredible experience that CON can be.

By Gil Nicholson-Nelson, with edits by Eric Bliss, Youth Ministry Specialist & Cora Goss-Grubbs, former PNWD Con Coordinator