Celebrating Our Differences


Cherishing Our Differences (YouTube) By Cindy Fesgen

Question: What is something special that you can do or that you are good at?


Common Reads “Let’s Talk About Race" (YouTube)

  • How does the color of your skin impact your story?

  • Part of the race story is that some races are better than other races. Why is the story of race not actually true?

  • You might have certain talents that others don’t have and can be better at some things than other people like sports or reading… does that make you better than them? Why or why not?

  • Why are differences important? Why might it be important to listen to someone else talk about their differences?


PBS KIDS Talk About Differences (YouTube)

(When facilitating this discussion, make sure to center the conversation around celebration and not shaming differences)

What were some of the differences that people pointed out between the kids and their parents in the video?

What are some of the differences we notice among our class?

What are some differences that weren’t mentioned or that people might have that we haven’t talked about? (Where people are born, ability or neurological differences, language. etc.)


Find Someone Who…

We all have a lot of differences that we can be proud of. Some of our differences are on the outside, but many of them are on the inside as well.

Use this game to help talk with others about some of the differences we have. (If not enough people in class to fill the game, you can take the activity into the wider congregation as well)

If there were more squares, what other categories could you add?


You Are The Story Of The World By Ean Huntington Behr

Take Home

The opening reading for this lesson comes from this book - Celebrities Read “We’re Different, We’re the Same" YouTube)

Another good episode of this series - PBS KIDS Talk About Race, Racism (YouTube)

One way we express our differences is through art. Check out this nonprofit organization that explores celebration our differences through art. Talk about what you see, what you don’t see, what other ways we can talk about and express our differences.

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