Leadership Training

The main work of MidAmerica is to support our congregational leaders in continuing learning. We do this for two reasons. We know that the health of a congregation is directly related to the skills, knowledge, and health of its leaders. But further, we do it for those who choose to step up in to leadership: we want to help you develop your own individual skills to help you be ready for a world that is increasingly future-oriented and multicultural. We want you to succeed so that your congregations can succeed—it's a mutual process, and we love witnessing both outcomes.

We offer a variety of opportunities for leadership development. A few of the possibilities are:

  • Webinars, available several times a year live, and then archived and available on demand 24/7
  • Face-to-face workshops, often done for a cluster of congregations so that you may also learn about and from each other
  • Coaching from staff members, frequently on how to face the more touchy issues of leadership. You can see our specialties and reach out to any of us for assistance.
  • Consultations available to train your congregational leaders, lead retreats, and help you with particular issues.
  • Email and other electronic connections to answer specific questions, and to be "present" even from a distance. You can always contact us with your specific questions, and we'll work with you to get the answers you need. See Who To Call to help you decide whom to contact.

Check our MidAmerica Region Calendar to see what's coming up, and look through the Webinars page to see the variety and scope of session videos that are available.

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A vast collection of leadership resources are on LeaderLab, including all of MidAmerica Region's archived Webinars.

MidAmerica Region contributions to LeaderLab

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