Donna DiSciullo Young Adult and Campus Ministry Award
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This award was given annually in 1995-2010 to recognize the importance of ministry to young adults (ages 18-35) and to honor people who have contributed to its advancement. It was given to an individual or group who had been committed to and furthered the cause of ministry to young adults. At General Assembly 2001, it was named in honor of the Rev. Donna DiSciullo, who served as the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Director of Young Adult and Campus Ministry from 1993 to 2001.

Recipients of the Donna DiSciullo Award

  • 2010: Kimberlee Carlson
  • 2009: Alice King
  • 2008: Elandria Williams
  • 2007: Church of the Younger Fellowship
  • 2006: Justin Schroeder
  • 2005: Erik David Carlson and Jonathan Craig
  • 2004: Natalie Brewster Nguyen
  • 2003: Alison Miller
  • 2002: Amy Strano
  • 2001: The Rev. Barbara Wells and the Rev. Jaco ten Hove
  • 2000: Sharon Hwang Colligan
  • 1999: Steve Traugott
  • 1998: Riley McLaughlin
  • 1997: Mary Ann Macklin
  • 1996: Suzelle Lynch
  • 1995: Continental Unitarian Universalist Young Adult Network

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