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How Do I Find Information about Voting in the Congregational Poll?
How Do I Find Information about Voting in the Congregational Poll?

When certifying your congregation's membership number online, the congregation is encouraged to cast a vote in the Congregational Poll. 

Please base your vote on whether your congregation, or its representatives, believes the Draft Statement of Conscience (SOC) entitled "Democracy Uncorrupted" should be placed on the final agenda of the 2019 General Assembly.  You may vote Yes, No, or Abstain, based on the preferences that your congregation has expressed through a congregation-wide vote, vote by your board of trustees, work by your Social Action or Social Justice committee, or other body, or whatever other method your congregation has selected.  You may vote in the Congregational Poll as part of the Certification process, and the deadline for voting is the same as the deadline for the membership certification: Friday, February 1, 2019 at 5 p.m. PT

For a Draft SOC to appear on the 2019 General Assembly Final Agenda, UUA bylaws require a minimum of 25% of certified congregations to participate in this ballot vote.  Be aware that comments and suggestions on the wording of the Draft SOC are invited by February 1, 2019 through a Comment Submission Form. 

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