Chalice Flame Contemplation

Lit candles held in a row of cupped hands

In this time of long nights and short days,
let us seek the light within …
by contemplating, through our mind’s eye,
the image of a candle flame.

Notice how the soft, quiet, and gentle flame
tamely rises from the wick.
Yet, just by touching a dry twig,
it has the power to become a raging bonfire
to light up the night.

Let that little candle flame be your friend this morning.

Allow it to quiet your mind,
as you attentively watch its flickering glow.

Allow it to calm your mind in a way that brings a stillness
that can light up the interior of your being
that can help you find the wellspring of your feelings.

Allow it to show us our inner sense of knowing that
can help us notice the ways we’ve strayed or harmed others;
to warm us, reflecting on the ways we’ve been touched and
the ways we’ve opened our hearts;
and inspire us through making new connections and discovering new insights.

May this simple flame
touch the dry twigs that guard our hearts
allowing the power of light to penetrate our self-protection
and show us the amazing potential for heat and light
that resides within us.