Updating Names of Your Congregation's Leaders and Staff

How (and when) do I submit information about my congregation's leaders and staff, which include elected officers, paid staff, and volunteers, excluding ministers?

Your congregation should submit an updated Leaders and Staff List to the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) immediately after the congregation's annual meeting/election. Some of the Leaders and Staff information appears in the searchable online Directory of congregations.

Failure to submit the updated list promptly means this Directory information may be outdated on your congregation's public profile, and your leaders and staff may miss important messages from UUA staff because we won't have your current contact information in our database.

NEW: Using a myUUA.org Account

If an authorized leader or staff of your congregation has a myUUA.org account, you can update the list of leaders and staff online.

Once you are logged into your myUUA.org account, if you are authorized as a Data Services Updater for your congregation, you see your congregation's name and a "Manage Leaders and Staff" link. Click this link to see an editable list of your congregations elected leaders, committee chairs, and staff.

Details are in the myUUA.org instruction manual (PDF, 14 pages).

You can also review our one-page my.UUA.org system Cheat Sheet (PDF).