Transcript for Video: UUA WordPress Theme for Congregations

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SARAH GIBB MILLSPAUGH: Hi, I'm Sarah Gibb Millspaugh, the outreach associate for Digital Ministries at the UUA. And I'm here to introduce you to an exciting new tool for building your congregation's website. It's a WordPress theme made just for Unitarian Universalist congregations.

If you don't know about WordPress, let me tell you a few things. It's a platform for building websites. And it's a website creation tool. It's free and open source. It's super easy to use.

WordPress currently powers something like 20% of the web worldwide. The outreach office partnered with Christopher Wulff, a UU Seminarian and web developer, to create this new WordPress theme just for UU congregations. The theme does much of the technical and design work for you, so that you can focus on making your content awesome.

Check this out. Right up front you see your next worship, where you are, and how to get there, attractive, interactive boxes, testimonials, where members talk about what makes your congregation special, and inside, a staff widget that organizes your staff listing beautifully, a services widget that advertises your services before they happen, and archives your services when they're done with text, audio, and video after.

And that's not all. We help you with your menu, your words, and your images. We've got language that you can use to describe Unitarian Universalism and some of the basics about our communities and ideas about what you could write on each page. Why should every congregation struggle to write this on their own? We've got a menu and a structure that's intuitive and helps people find what they need fast.

And while we can't give you pictures and images, on the theme's documentation site, we give you a list of images that you can take that will go great with each page. You can customize so much of your site. The theme gives you just enough structure to build an awesome website but enough flexibility to fit the personality and the size of your congregation.

Here's the reason this theme was launched by the outreach office. In this digital age, websites are the first point of contact for just about anyone checking out your congregation. Let's show the world how wonderful we are. Check out to learn more and get started.