Posting Messages to a UUA Mailing List

To the list: After you have subscribed to a list, you can send messages to all the other subscribers (unless it's an announcement-only list like UUA-L) by sending email to the list address, which is "". For example, the email address for the UU-Leaders list is "".

When replying to a message from the list, be sure to check your "To:" field; some lists are set up so that replies are sent to the entire list, and some are set up to reply privately by default. Be sure you're sending your message to the right address!

To the list managers: Each list is managed by two list managers. If are having trouble with a list (subscribing, signing off, participating, etc.), you can talk to the list managers. The list managers' address is "". For example, the list managers for the UUA-L list are at "".

Don't Use Styles in Your Messages!

Many email programs allow you to use formatting and styles (boldface, italics, color, graphics, etc.) in your email messages. Do not use styles in messages posted to UUA lists! For email programs that don't display styles and formatting, your messages will have strange formatting characters strewn throughout them, will be very hard to read, and will be much longer than plain-text messages.

Most of our lists are set to accept only plain-text messages (read about why this is so), and will reject or discard messages that don't fit that content type. Remove any attachments and tell your email program to send in "plain text" (see Turning Off HTML or MIME for help with your program).