Email List Conflict Resolution

The Unitarian Universalist Association's (UUA's) email lists are intended to be safe, supportive, harassment-free vehicles for communication among UUs. Because of this, a number of rules for behavior apply. According to the UUA's Email List Rules for Participating:

"Participation in UUA.ORG's lists is a privilege and not a right. The UUA reserves the right to suspend participants from lists who violate standards and rules put forward by the UUA Board. Procedures for due process in conflict mediation and suspension have been established by the Web Team (formerly known as the Office of Electronic Communication). Decisions on suspension are delegated to the Director of Communications and are appealed to the UUA Executive Vice-President."

List subscribers may participate in UUA mailing lists as long as they follow the UUA's Email List Rules for Participating, which encourage people to follow the UU Principles when participating in online discussions. List managers and moderators are appointed by the UUA and are responsible for enforcing the UUA's email list rules, as well as for encouraging participation and suggesting appropriate topics.