UUA.org Email List Subscriber Guide

These instructions describe the email lists managed at UUA.org by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). They describe how to use the Mailman program to subscribe, unsubscribe, and change your settings.

Each list is managed by at least two list managers. If are having trouble with a list (technical or otherwise), you can talk to the list managers. The list managers' address is "listname-owner@lists.uua.org". For example, the list managers for the UUA-L list are at "UUA-L-owner@lists.uua.org".

Note: Placeholder Text in Our Help Page Links

Many of the web and email addresses in our technical help pages include the placeholder text "listname" or "emailaddress" which must be replaced with the actual name of the list in question and the email address subscribed to that list. You can click on the links, or copy and paste them into your web browser window, but you'll need to edit the text in your browser's "Address" bar. (http://lists.uua.org/mailman/options/listname/emailaddress for instance, would become http://lists.uua.org/mailman/options/UUA-L/oecrequest@uua.org).