St. Lawrence Foundation for Theological Education Programs

St Lawrence Foundation McClevey recipient

Clinical Pastoral Education Stipend

Fill out the online application for the Clinical Pastoral Education Stipend.

Rev. Jeffrey Campbell Scholarship

Named for the first Black graduate of St. Lawrence Seminary, these scholarships are for students of color starting or continuing at Starr King School for the Ministry or Meadville Lombard Theological School. Each of these schools received a $23,000 grant in 2021, at least half of which is stipulated to be applied to the Rev. Jeffrey Campbell Scholarship at that school. Scholarships are distributed to the students by the theological schools.

Other Scholarship Assistance

Administered through grants to selected theological schools.

The McClevey Prize

The McClevey Prize is awarded each year by the St. Lawrence Foundation for Theological Education to one male and one female member of the graduating class of St. Lawrence University, who demonstrate outstanding campus leadership in working for social justice in keeping with Unitarian Universalist principles.


This is by far our oldest scholarship, named after Richard McClevey who left the bulk of his estate to the Clinton Liberal Institute in 1895. The Institute was a high school founded by Universalists. The McClevey Prize provided annual awards to six students. When the buildings burned to the ground in 1900, the Institute and the McClevey Prize was incorporated into the Theological School of St. Lawrence University.

Since the theological school closed in the early 1960s its endowment was entrusted to this Foundation. Currently, the Foundation Board awards up to $300 to two St. Lawrence graduating students “with financial need who have demonstrated by their activities outside the classroom a commitment to high values.” This award is made by the Foundation in consultation with the St. Lawrence University Chaplain.

Recent Recipients

  • 2013 (JPG): Tishara D. Joseph and Jeremy Ramos
  • 2014 (JPG): Laquan Bell andTiara M. Davis

  • 2015: Jemell Senior and Maryam Laly
  • 2016: Alimot Yusuff andTiara M. Davis

  • 2017: Rutendo R. Chabikwa and Jayson Leigh

  • 2018 (JPG): Tanjon'ny Rakotoarisoa andRian Falcon

  • 2019: (pictured above): Nickesha Taylor and Francisco A. Rodriguez-Tineo

  • 2020: Daylan Salmeron Gomez and Celine Schreiber