St. Lawrence Foundation for Theological Education Leadership

Zoom screenshot of St. Lawrence Foundation board, with James Galisinski, Jonipher Kwong, Michelle Yates, Jennifer Jo VonRue. Schuyler Vogel,  Kimberly Quinn Johnson, and Jamal Carver

Board of Trustees

The Rev. James Galasinski
(2nd term ends 5/24, represents NYSCU)

Vice President and CPE Stipend Administrator:
The Rev. Kimberly Quinn Johnson
(1st term ends 5/23, NYSCU appointee)

The Rev. Michelle Yates
(2nd term ends 5/23; represents NYSCU)

The Rev. Dr. Jonipher Kūpono Kwong
(appointed to fill remainder of term ending 5/23; represents UUA)


The Rev. Schuyler Vogel
(1st term ends 5/24; SLFTE appointee)

The Rev. Jennifer Jo VonRue
(1st term ends 5/25; NYSCU appointee)

Jamal Carver
(1st term ends 5/25; SLFTE appointee)