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Preparatory Stages of Becoming a Minister
Preparatory Stages of Becoming a Minister
Career Development for Ministers, Becoming a Minister

The following outline describes the stages of preparation for Unitarian Universalist ministerial fellowship and some of the policies and procedures associated with each stage.

Applicants are persons who have contacted the Ministerial Credentialing Office indicating intent to pursue fellowship as a UU minister. A record of applicants will be maintained by the Ministerial Credentialing Office.

Ministerial Fellowship Requirements Booklet and Appendix

Aspirant Status

A person in Aspirant Status has submitted the following forms to the Ministerial Credentialing Office. ALL REQUIRED FORMS (PAGE NUMBERS INCLUDED BELOW) CAN BE FOUND IN THE REQUIREMENTS FOR MINISTERIAL FELLOWSHIP APPENDIX:

  1. Initial Inquiry Form
  2. Interview Form—from a UU minister (page 5-6)
  3. Transfer/Plural Standing Forms (if applicable) (page 8)
  4. Evidence of acceptance to a theological school or another approved program, or graduation from theological school with submission of all official transcripts from prior graduate level academic preparation
  5. Signed Application for Candidacy form, which stipulates agreement to abide by the Rules and Policies of the Ministerial Fellowship Committee and to defer accepting any ministerial position other than internships and student ministries unless approved by the Ministerial Credentialing Director. Violation of this policy shall render the candidate ineligible for an interview with the Ministerial Fellowship Committee or Ministerial Fellowship for four years from the commencement of the position (page 9)
  6. Signed Criminal Offense Disclosure Form/False Representation Statement (page 7)
  7. Congregational sponsorship obtained and Statement of Congregational Sponsorship has been submitted on behalf of the aspirant. (Clergy seeking dual or transfer standing or active UUA regional staff may have this requirement waived. Please contact the Ministerial Credentialing Director for further information.) (page 10)

Candidate Status

In addition to 1 through 7 above, a person in Candidate Status has also:

    8. Completed an approved career assessment program and the written report has been received by the Ministerial Credentialing Office

   9. Completed at least one year of theological education

  10. Submitted final evaluations from a field education experience, CPE/CPSP (Unit 1) or an internship.

Prior to the Ministerial Fellowship Committee interview, a Candidate will have:      

  • Completed the MFC Appointment Request form (page 11)
  • Sent in a $250 application fee at the time the MFC interview is scheduled. (This fee may be waived under extenuating circumstances. Please consult with the Ministerial Credentialing Director, mcodirector [at] uua [dot] org, for further information.)
  • Submitted MFC paperwork required for the interview packet.

MFC Requirements Checklist

  1. Biographical Information Sheet (page 12-13)
  2. An essay, 3-4 pages double-spaced, that “narrates [the candidate’s] life journey and call to ministry”
  3. Digital (head shot) photograph
  4. Career Assessment Report from an approved career assessment program
  5. RSCC letter (if available) **
  6. MFC Competencies and Reading List (page 19-35)
  7. First unit CPE/CPSP Evaluations:  _____Self   ______Supervisor
  8. Internship Learning/Serving Agreement (dated)
  9. Internship evaluations:  _____ Self _____Supervisor _____Committee
  10. Five letters of reference:
    1. A faculty member or advisor if the candidate is enrolled in seminary, or if a recent graduate
    2. A Unitarian Universalist minister other than the internship supervisor
    3. A religious educator
    4. Anyone of the candidate’s choice who has known them for at least six years
    5. Anyone of the candidate’s choice.
      NOTE: All letters of reference must be dated, signed and must clearly indicate that the reference has been/will be/can be shared with the candidate. (page 14)
  11. All official (up-to-date) Seminary transcripts
  12. All official graduate transcripts (and undergraduate transcripts, if available)
  13. Conviction Disclosure form (page 7)
  14. Oxford Document Management criminal background check (Final report must be received by the UUA. There is a fixed fee of $180, which is a substantial discount from Oxford’s customary fee. The UUA offers to cover half of the cost of the criminal background check.)
  15. Consent for Release of Information for Transfer and Plural Candidates form (if applicable) (page 8)

    ** Aspirants who have had their candidacy status postponed by an RSCC interview may achieve candidacy status by submitting field education, CPE/CPSP and/or internship evaluations to the Ministerial Credentialing Office.

    ** Aspirants who have had their candidacy status denied by an RSCC interview may submit a request to the Executive Committee of the Ministerial Fellowship Committee. Please consult with the Ministerial Credentialing Director, mcodirector [at] uua [dot] org, for further information.

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