Preparatory Stages of Becoming a Minister

UU Ministerial Credentialing Process

The Rev. Dr. Jonipher Kupono Kwong and The Rev. Adam Lawrence Dyer

The stages of preparation for Unitarian Universalist ministerial fellowship and some of the policies and procedures associated with each stage, can be found in the Requirements for Fellowship Booklet linked below.

Applicants are persons who have contacted the Ministerial Credentialing Office indicating intent to pursue fellowship as a UU minister. A record of applicants will be maintained by the Ministerial Credentialing Office.

Ministerial Fellowship Requirements Booklet and Appendix

Please review the Ministerial Fellowship Committee's Orientation for Unitarian Universalist Aspirants and Candidates if you are interested in the credentialing process.

Major Requirements for Ministerial Fellowship with the Unitarian Universalist Association

  • A completed unit of Clinical Pastoral Education;
  • A completed internship;
  • And an interview with our national credentialing body, the Ministerial Fellowship Committee (MFC)

There are a number of requirements in the process. Details can be found in the “Requirements for Fellowship Booklet" linked above.

MFC Policy 3.E: Provisional Endorsement for UU Ministry

Any individual who holds Aspirant or Candidate status with the MFC may request provisional endorsement from the UUA while they continue through the fellowshipping process for the following purposes:

  1. The individual is seeking Board Certification for chaplaincy and requires endorsement.
  2. The individual is transferring their credentials or ordination from another generally recognized faith community/endorsing agent and wishes to be recognized as a UU minister for professional reasons (examples: they are currently serving a UU or UU-related institution; they are innovators creating a new form of UU community; or they require endorsement for military or VA chaplaincy while in the process of transfer).

Process: Once Aspirant or Candidate status is confirmed, the interested individual will submit a 1-2 page essay to the Executive Secretary of the MFC about why they want to be a UU minister within the context they are serving. This essay will be reviewed by a Co-Director for Ministries and Faith Development, the Ministerial Credentialing Director, and the Ministerial Formation Specialist. A follow-up interview may be required for a determination by the group. Provisional Endorsement will be provided so long as reasonable progress continues to be made in the fellowshipping process over time, with a maximum of seven years. A standard letter of Provisional Endorsement or the equivalent form (2088 for the Military or VA Endorsement form, etc.) will be made available to successful applicants.