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The Internship Clearinghouse serves ministerial aspirants/candidates and internship sites. Under the supervision of the Ministerial Credentialing Director, the Clearinghouse assists:

  • Prospective interns in finding, designing, and completing internships. To this end, two databases are maintained: one of available Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Internship Sites and another for Prospective Interns. Staff in the Ministerial Credentialing Office is available to answer questions, provide information, and assist prospective interns in creating a high-quality internship experience.
  • Congregations in developing new internship sites, finding interns, and strengthening existing programs. The Ministerial Credentialing Director works with supervisors and intern committees about issues that may arise during an internship. The Ministerial Credentialing Office also administers the Internship Stipend Grant program which provides matching funds for new internship sites.

Internship Manual

The 2014-2015 Internship Manual is the current version that all interns, supervisors, and intern committees should be using. The Internship Manual will be revised annually.

Recent MFC Policy Changes

All interns must have scheduled an interview with a Regional Sub-Committee on Candidacy prior to the commencement of their internship. (Effective September 2010)

Regional Subcommittee on Candidacy schedules fill up quickly. See the Preparatory Stages for Unitarian Universalist ministerial fellowship for information on scheduling an interview.

For Future Interns

For those of you who are planning to do an internship in 2014-2015, you may want to consider creating a Prospective Intern profile so that sites that are looking for an intern can contact you. Register as a Prospective Intern.


The current Learning/Service Agreement and Evaluation forms are located at the back of the 2014-2015 Internship Manual. Instructions on using the forms are included in the Manual.

Questions and Consultations

Please contact the Ministerial Credentialing Director (mcodirectory [at] uua [dot] org) with any questions or desire for consultation about internships.

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