Combat Intolerance with Faith
Combat Intolerance with Faith
Don't Be Sad, Be Blue!

Even if it seems counter intuitive, people of faith are not immune to intolerance. The Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) founded by Eboo Patel works to bring people of different faiths – atheists included – together behind the unifying message: We are better together.

Watch Eboo Patel's Ware Lecture to the 2013 UUA General Assembly
From the IFYC website:

When you pledge to #BeBlue on April 10th, you’re standing up for your friends, family, and neighbors of other beliefs by helping to change the narrative that different religious and non-religious traditions are doomed to fight. Being blue is a small action that makes a big statement: we’re all better when people from different traditions and backgrounds work together. Here are ways to take action in your community:

• Take the Better Together Day pledge at the top of this page (

• Update your social media profiles and share Better Together Day with your friends and family.

• Wear blue on April 10th to show your support and raise awareness around interfaith cooperation.

• Plan a “Be Blue” event. Need ideas? Here are 7 ways to make an impact on Better Together Day

 Watch and share the IFYC project to turn the world blue on April 10: [youtube Gu7g56QmgeI]  

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