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Taking It Home: Unitarian Universalism: The Journey Starts at Home

We need not think alike to love alike. — Francis David

May your life preach more loudly than your lips. — William Ellery Channing

IN TODAY'S WORKSHOP... we discussed Unitarian Universalism. We reviewed our Principles, shared some of our sources for inspiration, and identified famous UUs.


  • How has my relationship with Unitarian Universalism changed over time?
  • Where do I hope my faith will take me?


  • Understanding how people came to their chosen faith can help you learn about how that faith works in the world. Ask a parent or another adult you know in our congregation about their history with Unitarian Universalism. If they came from another faith, how did they learn about Unitarian Universalism? What attracted them to it? If they grew up UU, have they ever considered changing their affiliation? How do they feel Unitarian Universalism has accompanied them on their spiritual journey?
  • Engage your UU friends—what do you, and they, value about your congregation? How does it support your spiritual path? What do you wish were different? What can you do as you get older to create those things you want in your faith? What can you do now?


While many outspoken Christian groups use this term, a growing number of religious liberals, including Unitarian Universalists, now say they are "evangelizing" when they work to share the important things their faiths have to offer. If you are enthusiastic and want to share with people how you believe your faith can make their lives better, you are an evangelist.

  • Do you have an "elevator speech," that is, two or three short sentences, that briefly describe what you believe? Create an "elevator evangelism speech," a few sentences you can use to tell someone what is life-giving about your faith.
  • Share it! Try it on friends who are not UUs. Tell them you have been thinking about your faith and have come up with a short way to say why it is important to you, then share your elevator evangelism. See how they respond. Then, be brave! Consider sharing it with people you have just met. See if you can insert it naturally into the conversation, and observe the effect on the listener. What do they respond to in your message? How do they respond?

Involvement in the UU World

  • Look up Church of the Larger Fellowship (CLF) online. CLF is a Unitarian Universalist congregation with no physical meeting place. It provides resources, spiritual support, and virtual community to people who are geographically dispersed. Consider joining CLF to support their important work for and with Unitarian Universalists worldwide.
  • Do you show signs of faith in your life, such as wearing chalice jewelry, displaying a chalice in your home, or keeping copies of UU World on a table? Do you know someone who has a chalice tattoo? Consider showing your faith symbolically; you can browse and purchase chalice jewelry, artwork, and chalices themselves online at Chalice Art, Flaming Chalice, UniUniques, and CafePress.
  • One way we demonstrate that we value something is by taking care of it. This is called stewardship. Are you a steward of the Unitarian Universalist faith? If not, become one by volunteering to help at the congregation. You might help with a clean-up, assist in a RE class, or serve as a junior board member. Help provide for the congregation financially, too. If you do not have a job, you could give a portion of your allowance. If you do not receive an allowance, consider holding a fundraiser or participating in a congregation-sponsored fundraiser. If your congregation holds a service auction, consider what service you can donate. Yard work? Cooking? Making a mix CD?