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  • 2015-16 PWR Webinar Offerings

    We are officially off and running with the 2015-16 Pacific Western Region (PWR) Webinar Offerings ! Gain insight, discuss with religious leaders, and focus your congregation’s learning team on what matters. This year the PWR staff provide a variety of exciting offerings with...
  • Welcoming Congregation Renewal

    Twenty-six years after the launch of the Welcoming Congregation Program, the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) has some great news! Seventy-six percent of UUA congregations overall and 95% of congregations over 100 members are recognized as Welcoming Congregations. “With...
  • UUA Common Read Discussion Guide Now Available

    The discussion guide is now available for this year’s Common Read selection, Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption by Bryan Stevenson. The guide invites participants to explore and examine some of the underlying themes in the book, including justice, mercy, compassion,...
  • Clergy Seminar Series in Congregation-Based Spiritual Direction

    Religious leaders interested in attending the Clergy Seminar Series on Congregational Based Spiritual Direction training in Boulder, CO, may still register. Although the registration website shows the training in Boulder is sold out, there is still room. If you are interested,...
  • Big Faith of Beloved Community; No Borders to our Love

    In our work, we frequently draw on Dr. King’s definition of justice as “love correcting everything that stands against love.” Love goes way beyond a feeling. Love is a practice . A practice of correcting whatever stands against love: structures that exclude; systems that punish...
  • UUA Publications Monthly Updates Online

    Unitarian Universalist Associaiton (UUA) Publications Updates are now published monthly on its own webpage. Keep up on the latest Pamphlets, Recommendations from Skinner House, and find out what’s trending at the UUA Bookstore. Here are some new pamphlets for your congregation...
  • General Assembly 2016, June 22-26, Columbus OH

    Save the Dates! The theme for GA 2016 will be Heart Land: Where Faiths Connect . The faith world is increasingly multifaith. People are crossing borders of religion and spiritual practice to create wholeness in their lives individually and collectively. The labels – Christian,...
  • Natural Disaster Relief, Response

    Summertime in the Pacific Western Region of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) is often a time of heightened awareness and occurence of natural disasters that can affect our congregations and families—wildfire, flash floods and landslides/ mudslides are common and...
  • Join Us! Regional Ingathering at GA 2015

    On Wednesday June 24 at 5:45 – 6:45 pm the leadership and staff of the Pacific Western Region invite you to gather with others from our vast and beautiful region. In a lively hour together we will sing and celebrate, find friends and recognize key volunteers in the region. We...
  • Announcing New Pacific Western Regional Staff

    It is with great pleasure that we announce three new Pacific Western Regional staff members. Eric Bliss, Jan Christian, and Jonipher Kūpono Kwong bring us years of experience as Unitarian Universalist (UU) religious professionals working in congregations and with programs and...


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