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Welcome to LeaderLab!
Introducing LeaderLab

Dear Pacific Western Congregational Leaders,

Time and time again, we've heard from you that you need help developing new leaders to further the work of your mission. We're pleased to announce a central location for your leadership needs. Drumroll please...

LeaderLab is a set of online resources representing a range of perspectives in leadership development and congregational life. Go to LeaderLab when you're curious about a scenario in your congregation and want to learn more. Find articles, videos, webinars, tips, tools, tutorials, and links to other valuable online resources. Share them with your board and staff members, and consider learning together as a group.

Imagine a search engine similar to Worship Web. Or a way to onboard new board members or ideas for facilitating board retreats. As individuals or as congregational teams, you can also go deeper by taking an online course (at your own pace) through UU Leadership Institute or register for an in-person Leadership School. You can find all this and more by checking out LeaderLab at uua.org/leadership.

Rev. Dr. Jonipher Kūpono Kwong
Congregational Life Staff

About the Author

  • The Rev. Dr. Jonipher Kūpono Kwong has served as Congregational Life Staff in the Pacific Western Region since 2015. He is also a Program Leader for the UU College of Social Justice and part of the Design Team of LeaderLab. Jonipher is the Regional Specialist for Leadership...

For more information contact pwr@uua.org.

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