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Office of Church Staff Finances Publications: Back Issues
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Compensation and Staffing News: Back Issues


  • December 2017: Year-end Briefs (Employee Classification, Housing Allowance Designation, Professional Expense Clarification, Employee Contributions to Retirement Plan), 2018-2019 Salary Recommendations and Resources, Staffing for Diversity: Part V (Ongoing Staff Support)
  • November 2017: OCSF Briefs (2018 Health Plan rates, Open Enrollment), Form I-9 Audits, Staffing for Diversity: Part IV (Welcoming New Staff)
  • October 2017: Benefits Tune-up Workbook, November Open Enrollment, Staffing for Diversity: Part III (Screening and Interviewing)
  • September 2017: OCSF Webpages, Quick Quiz, Staffing for Diversity: Part II (Position Descriptions and Publicity)
  • August 2017: PLUS Program for New Staff, Benefits for Employees Serving 2 Congregations, Staffing for Diversity: Part I (Vision and Values)
  • July 2017: Subscribers and Past Issues, Professional Interim Training, General Assembly Workshop Slides
  • June 2017: New Resources for Hiring, Refreshed Compensation Guidelines, OCSF at General Assembly
  • May 2017: Transition of Benefits, Housing Allowance Designation, Model Employment Agreement
  • April 2017: Benefits Provisions, New I-9 Form, OCSF Webinar Slides & Recordings
  • March 2017: Compensation Consultants, Budget for Retirement Plan Contributions, Employers of Choice
  • February 2017: Salary Recommendations for 2017-2018, Compensation Webinar, New Schedule for Posting Recommendations

About the Author

  • Jan is passionate about helping congregations live out their values within their walls! Her work is inspired by the mission of the UUA Office of Church Staff Finances: Guided by the values of our faith, we equip congregations for excellence as employers and their staff for financial competence and...

For more information contact ocsf@uua.org.

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