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  • What is Systemic Racism?

    Our Dismantling White Supremacy Resource for December is a series of one-minute videos from Race Forward that highlights the impact of systemic racism on our everyday lives.
  • Save the Date for Regional Assembly 2020

    Regional Assembly 2020 will be held at The Unitarian Universalist Church, Rockford, Illinois on Saturday, April 18, 2020. Our keynote speaker will be Taquiena Boston, Special Advisor to the UUA President for Institutional Inclusion, Equity, and Change. Registration opens in...
  • Less Than a Month to Go to Donate to Fall Chalice Lighters

    support UU Church of Urbana-Champaign’s Faithify campaign to help open the doors of FirstSteps, a transitional house for people returning home from prison; and Peoples Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, as they take Sunday morning music to the next level by hiring a professional...
  • General Assembly 2020 - Register Now

    Please join us Wednesday, June 24 through Sunday, June 28, 2020 in Providence, Rhode Island for this 5-day immersive experience where we participate in inspirational worship services and informative workshops, reconvene with friends and colleagues, and explore our bustling...
  • UUA Disaster Relief Fund

    Wildfire season is upon us, with more than a dozen wildfires impacting California right now. This summer saw flooding impact several congregations. Your generous donation to the UUA Disaster Relief Fund will help provide UU congregations, their people and their communities, with...
  • The New Common Read Discussion Guide Is Now Available

    A Common Read invites participants to read and discuss the same book in a given period of time. It can build community in our congregations and our movement by giving diverse people a shared experience, shared language, and a basis for deep, meaningful conversations.
  • Chalice Sparx Camp and Retreat for Families in Michigan

    Hiking the trails, singing by the campfire, playing games…all childhood camp fun. But this camp is not just for kids—it’s for people of all ages. Make connections, build friendships and experience nature together as a family—with other families—in an environment where diverse...
  • Brilliant Bits from Boston: Changes to The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

    A change in the FLSA salary threshold for "white-collar exemptions" (executive, administrative, and professional exemptions) goes into effect on January 1. In 2020, the minimum salary needed for exempt status under the FLSA will increase from $455/week to $684/week, or $35,568/...
  • November Welcome

    Here you’ll find the latest information on our Chalice Lighters program, including a brand new opportunity to support another of our congregations through Faithify. You’ll also hear from a UU youth who had a transformative time this summer at our Youth Midwest Leadership School...
    By Phillip Lund | 11/4/2019
  • Conversations for Liberation

    Dismantling White Supremacy Resource of the Month: Unitarian Universalism is at a moment of great power and potential. We are making progress toward becoming a faith movement where people of all backgrounds and identities can thrive to challenge systems of oppression, patriarchy...
  • Update on Dismantling Systemic White Supremacy Resources and Work

    The MidAmerica Fieldstaff team shared that one of the books we are reading as part of our study on dismantling systemic white supremacy is The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma by researcher and clinician, Bessel van der Kolk. One of our...
  • Save the date for MidAmerica Regional Assembly 2020

    Regional Assembly 2020 will be held at The Unitarian Universalist Church, Rockford, Illinois on Saturday, April 18, 2020. Our keynote speaker will be Taquiena Boston, Special Advisor to the UUA President for Institutional Inclusion, Equity, and Change.
  • Blessings on the Journey

    One of the many blessings of serving our MidAmerica congregations is the gift of inspiration. As a Congregational Life Consultant, I often am asked to companion and coach congregations as they endeavor to find that which inspires them to a greater sense of hope, joy, love,...
    By Nancy Combs-Morgan | 11/4/2019
  • Good News from Chalice Lighters and Faithify

    Partnered with Heritage UU Church (Cincinnati) to create a nature sanctuary and green burial ground, UU Church Urbana-Champaign IL for a re-entry house for people returning after incarceration, and Peoples Church in Cedar IA for their music program.
  • Youth MidWest Leadership School 2019 Review

    This summer I had not dreamed that I would be spending one of the best weeks of my life in Decorah, Iowa, with other UU’s who cared for me and what I stand for. But in fact, that is what happened, and I can’t thank everyone who made it happen enough. That week was filled with...
  • Friends of MidAmerica Program will fund Regional Assembly and 2 webinar series

    In the coming year money received from the Friends of MidAmerica Program will fund (among many specific and general services): Regional Assembly at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Rockford, IL on April 18, 2020; Webinar series on the UUA Common Read; Presidents webinar...
  • Brilliant Bits from Boston: InSpirit Bookstore

    Just in time for your holiday consideration, we feature the UUA bookstore, InSpirit . InSpirit is your one stop place to find copies of the UUA Common Read, An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States, as well as books for children and...
  • October Welcome

    One of the joys of my years serving our UUA as a Congregational Life Consultant, and now serving as the Regional Lead for the MidAmerica Region, has been the ways in which it has given me the opportunity to meet UUs from across our country, and to journey with UU congregations...
  • Dismantling Systemic White Supremacy: Slowing Down to Go Deeper

    Two years ago the MidAmerica Fieldstaff Team embarked on a course of group study in order to do personal work around dismantling systemic white supremacy. Here is sample of what we have viewed and discussed:
  • MidAmerica Region Ministerial Transitions Fall 2019

    Every summer, we in MidAmerica bid farewell to ministers who have completed their service to a congregation, and we also bid welcome to ministers who are taking up new ministries. This year is no exception. Below is a list of those we know who are leaving, and coming.


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