BIPOC Intersectionality

Three BIPOC people are shown: one with dark hair wearing black glasses and a green blouse; one with bleached dreadlocks tied up in a black bandana wearing purple glasses and a black shirt; and one with short curly hair and a septum piercing wearing metal framed glasses and a white blouse with black overshirt. The text reads BIPOC Intersectionality Rev. Marisol Caballero, Ayanna Kafi, Mackenzie MacDade

The seventh in our Skill Up series was a BIPOC panel with Rev. Marisol Caballero, Ayanna Kafi, and Mackenzie MacDade in June 2023. The webinar explored the intersectionality of being BIPOC and neurodivergent. Both of these identities require navigating systems that were not meant for them. We talked about how our UU communities can be spaces where people can engage the fullness of themselves.

Please find the talk and Q&A session recording available for purchase on the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association (UUMA) storefront. Your purchase will directly support the continuation of this series.

About the Authors

Marisol Caballero

Rev. Marisol Caballero, Faith Innovation Specialist in the UUA’s Lifespan Faith Engagement Office, is a native Texan who lives and works in Austin. She enjoys social justice activism, cooking, crocheting, sewing, and traveling with her wife, son, and pup, Diego.

Ayanna Kafi

The Mosaic is the UUA’s new online hub of connection, resources, and support for dismantling racism & oppression. As Mosaic Project Manager, Ayanna will guide the Mosaic projects from concept to production by creating and up-keeping systems for project tracking, event management, online...

Mackenzie MacDade

Mackenzie MacDade is a 33 year old, queer woman of color, teaching artist, feminist, part time poet and general rabble rouser. She got her start in feminism from a book of feminist nursery rhymes, and her start in pop culture analysis from 9 years of homeschooling (translation: 9 years of TV and...

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