CBCO News & Success Stories
CBCO News & Success Stories
Congregational Action, Congregation-Based Community Organizing


CBCO Congregational Stories



District of Columbia

  • Faith Based Community Organizations Prepare to Govern: UUs engaged in CBCO and legislative advocacy from around the country were part of a diverse gathering of 3,000 activists and leaders from the faith community called, "Realizing the Promise: A Forum on Community, Faith and Democracy," which was held on December 4 at the Washington Hilton in Washington, DC.




New York

  • ARISE—First UU Society of Albany, NY
    One Congregation’s Story: ARISE (YouTube, 5:16)—First Unitarian Universalist Society of Albany, NY's experience with their CBCO.



Congregation-Based Community Organizing (CBCO) at General Assembly

  • 2010: First UU Church of Columbus, OH on how CBCO supports the congregation's mission. Plenary V (clip begins at 1:15:00)
  • 2009: UU Church of Arlington, VA talks about their experience with VOICE. Plenary V (clip begins at 24:18)
  • 2008: First UU Church of Columbus, OH shares lessons from partnership with BREAD. Plenary V (clip begins at 01:24)
  • 2005: Profiles of UU congregations involved in CBCO; Sister Pearl Ceasar, the lead organizer for the Dallas Area Interfaith affiliate of IAF, speaks on faith-based organizing. Plenary V (clip begins at 2:58:26)
  • 2004: Veatch report on CBCO. Plenary III (clip begins at 2:42:19)

For more information contact socialjustice@uua.org.

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