Promise and the Practice of Our Faith Report, General Assembly 2018

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UUA General Assembly Off-site Participation: Kansas City, Missouri | 2018

Part of General Assembly 2018 Event 203: General Session II

The following final draft script was completed before this event took place; actual words spoken may vary. Unedited live captions of General Session II (TXT) were created during the event, and contain some errors. Captioning is not available for some copyrighted material.

Elandria Williams: This is a remarkable time in our faith. As we uncover and shine a light on the pain of our history for so many, we also have an historic opportunity to fulfill our calling to live into the Beloved Community, where every person is cherished.

Susan Fredericks-Grey: This calling to steward our theological values by supporting Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism and choosing to fully value the inherent worth and dignity of Black UUs began with the bold action of our board in the fall of 2016. The board’s decision was only the first stage—it will require all of us to make that commitment real.

Carey McDonald: The Promise and Practice campaign is the way UU’s across the country are making themselves a part of the commitment to Black Lives UU. The campaign is a call not only to financially support Black leadership within Unitarian Universalism, but also to center the voices and experiences of Black UUs that have long gone unheard.

And to inspire and ignite congregational participation, generous donors Brad and Julie Bradburd made a matching gift of $1 million.

Barb Greve: We thank you, Brad and Julie, for this courageous act of stewardship that comes from your love for our faith and your belief that we can be better.

In response, many of our congregations have joined this campaign to support our UUA Board’s commitment to Black Lives of UU and double their financial contribution through the match gift.

All: We are grateful for your support.

Susan: This is no ordinary campaign. This campaign is a departure from traditional “asks” of financial support—in asking for both a promise and a practice, it demands we look within ourselves as leaders and faith communities to discern “what it truly means to bear witness to the pain of many Black UUs and fulfill a promise to support and promote the growth of Black leadership and the work of BLUU.” Barb: This is no ordinary campaign. This campaign is inspired by Black Lives of UU which is already doing dynamic work—providing ministry and pastoral care for Black UUs, lifting up the voices and leadership of Black UUs, and connecting Unitarian Universalism with vital movement work. BLUU is truly the most innovative ministry in our faith right now.

Elandria: This campaign is no ordinary campaign. This campaign is ignited by beautiful and powerful worship materials created by some of our esteemed religious professionals of color. These powerful perspectives and stories are gifts of joy and pain generously offered. Gifts that will inspire for years to come.

Carey: This campaign is no ordinary campaign.

_____ congregations have participated so far.

We have heard from many about the ways the Promise and Practice is transforming and uplifting congregations.

We thank you for leading the way in trusting Black leadership, investing in Black leadership, and uplifting Black leadership!

Susan: For the promise to be fulfilled and the practice to be transforming, we need all of you. If your congregation has not yet held your Promise and Practice Sunday— there is still time!

I’m delighted to share that Brad and Julie Bradburd are extending their match through the end of the next congregational year so that more congregations can join us on this journey of supporting Black lives and Black leadership.

Every dollar raised will be matched through June 2019.

For congregations that haven’t participated we’re glad to provide resources and fundraising ideas. For congregations that have already participated—consider a second year of participation to increase your impact. Visit to get started.

On behalf of the promise of our future as a faith, we thank you.