General Session VI, General Assembly 2018

UUA General Assembly Off-site Participation: Kansas City, Missouri | 2018

General Assembly 2018 Event 437

Unitarian Universalists responded to discussion prompts on the theme “Together We Are Called.” Moderators from the on-site and online discussions will report on these conversations during General Session VII.

The UUA Board of Trustees welcomes your further thoughts:

Discussion Prompts: Together We Are Called

Question 1

What is essential to you about being a Unitarian Universalist?

Question 2

What do our purposes and principles capture well that is essential to who we are and what we must do as Unitarian Universalists? What do they leave out?

Question 3

How could our mission, purposes, principles and bylaws more accurately convey our vision of a future for our faith that compels us to act on our deep commitment to anti-racism and anti-oppression?

Question 4

In what specific ways are we asked to transform lives, communities and the world in these times? How does our shared life in our congregations and covenanted communities prepare us to do this?