Jericho Road Roxbury: Unique Neighborhood, Unique Partnerships
Jericho Road Roxbury: Unique Neighborhood, Unique Partnerships
General Assembly, Governance for Congregations, Leadership Development

General Assembly 2014 Event 411

This event was sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Urban Ministry.

Program Description

Jericho Road Roxbury creates a bridge between Unitarian Universalist Urban Ministry's greater Boston congregations and non profit service Roxubry by matching skilled volunteers with the needs of community-based organizations. Participants will learn about exciting projects currently underway, participate in a a hands-on workshop around cultural competence, and understand how their congregations can get more involved.


  • Rev. Catherine Sengha
  • Gail Schoenbrun
  • Karla Baehr
  • Tony Ibanez


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