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Business Mini-Assembly 4, General Assembly 2011

All business of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) General Assembly is conducted in Plenary sessions. Mini-Assemblies offer opportunities in small sessions for delegates to speak on issues, find out more about individual business items before a vote in plenary, and propose amendments to the business item.

This event occurred on Thursday, June 23. Reports will be posted as they become available.

Report from UU World


Related to Eliminating Actions of Immediate Witness

Related to Eliminating Actions of Immediate Witness in 2012, Reconstituting Them in 2013, and Modifying the Process for Submission

  • Proposed bylaw and rule changes (PDF, 21 pages; see lines 895-960) to Article IV, Section 4.16. Additions to the Agenda of Regular General Assemblies and Rule G-4.16.1. General Assembly Actions of Immediate Witness, and Responsive Resolutions, to eliminate Actions of Immediate Witness in 2012, reconstitute them beginning with the 2013 General Assembly, and modify the process for submission
  • Debate/Vote scheduled to occur during Plenary VII (Sunday)

Business Mini-Assembly 4 is General Assembly 2011 event number 2078.